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The Hidden Danger of Asbestos in Your Home

Though asbestos is no longer used in residential construction due to its numerous health risks, it is still an issue in some older homes. The dangers of asbestos are often hidden because asbestos itself is often hiding out of sight. But what are these dangers and where might asbestos be hiding? The Edmonton asbestos removal experts at Advanced Cleaning and Restoration want you to be armed with all of the information you need to keep your home and your family safe.

The Health Risks Posed by Asbestos

When asbestos is disturbed, its small fibres can become airborne and lead to serious illnesses if inhaled. One of the most common and deadliest illnesses caused by asbestos exposure is lung cancer. Smokers are particularly susceptible to developing lung cancer due to asbestos exposure, but it can occur in non-smokers as well. Asbestos has also been linked to a type of cancer known as mesothelioma, as well as to the chronic lung conditions of asbestosis and pleural disease. Without proper asbestos removal in Edmonton, anyone living in a home with asbestos is at risk for these conditions.

Places Where Asbestos Might Be Hiding 

Asbestos often goes unnoticed because many homeowners simply don't know where it could be hiding. Here are some common places where asbestos might have been used in the construction of your home.

  • Walls and ceilings: Asbestos was commonly used inside the walls and ceilings of residential homes for its insulating properties. It was also sometimes added to the outside of walls and ceilings as a texturing material.
  • Roofing and siding: Asbestos was also commonly used in roofing and siding material for its insulating properties, as well as for its strength and durability. Asbestos may be found in roofing tiles, roofing sealants and roofing felt.
  • Flooring: Asbestos was often added to the vinyl flooring systems common in older homes.
  • Paint and wallpaper: It is not uncommon to find asbestos as a component of the paint or of vinyl wallpaper in older homes.
  • Bathroom: There are many places where asbestos can be found in a bathroom, including in the tiling grout, in the toilet tank and seat, and in other bathroom fixtures.
  • Ducts: Because asbestos is such a good insulator, it was often used to hold together and insulate the duct systems inside of residential properties.

Asbestos removal in Edmonton is absolutely necessary before any home renovations begin, or if the asbestos is located in a high-traffic area and at risk of being disturbed.

Residential Asbestos Removal in Edmonton 

If your home was constructed prior to 1990, then there is a chance you may have asbestos somewhere on your property. In most cases, you will require asbestos removal in Edmonton in order to ensure that your home is a safe and healthy place to live. At Advanced Cleaning and Restoration Inc, our trained and experienced technicians will take all of the proper precautions when removing asbestos from your home.

For more information on asbestos removal in Edmonton, don't hesitate to contact Advanced Cleaning and Restoration Inc today.


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