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House Mold and Your Health

While there's no difference between the mold inside of the house and mold outside, having mold inside of your home can pose a significant health risk to the health of all inhabitants. Once it has a foothold, mold is also notoriously difficult to get rid of. This is why many homeowners choose professional mold removal in Edmonton from a trusted company such as Advanced Cleaning and Restoration. Let's take a look at what exactly mold is and what effect it can have on your health.

What Is Mold?

Mold is an all-encapsulating term for many different types of fungi that grow in multicellular filaments known as hyphae. Mold comes in a variety of colours, including black, green, blue, and white. It may appear slimy, fuzzy, or powdery in texture and often has a stale, musty, earthy odour.

Part of the reason why mold is so difficult to get rid of without professional mold removal services in Edmonton is that all it needs to survive is oxygen, water, and food. This means that any area of your home that tends to harbour high levels of humidity may be susceptible to mold.

Health Effects of Mold Exposure

If you have a mold problem, then you should not wait to call for mold removal in Edmonton, as mold exposure can cause mild to severe health problems. People become exposed to mold through inhalation of airborne fungal fragments, mold spores, and toxic mold metabolites known as mycotoxins. Symptom severity typically varies from person to person and depends largely on how long the individual has been exposed to mold, which is why it's important to get mold removal in Edmonton as soon as you suspect a problem.

Some of the most common symptoms of mold exposure include nasal and sinus congestion, coughing, wheezing, sneezing, throat irritation, eye irritation, and other respiratory effects. Spending significant amounts of time in an environment which harbours mold can also lead to the development of headaches, nosebleeds, difficulty breathing, skin irritation, chest tightness, and joint pain. Additionally, some people experience psychological symptoms such as difficulty concentrating, poor memory, and mood swings.

People who are particularly sensitive to mold or who have mold allergies can exhibit more serious symptoms. People who have chronic lung illnesses or compromised immune systems are also at a greater risk of developing negative symptoms and are more likely to develop serious lung infections. Mold exposure can trigger asthma attacks in asthma sufferers as well.

Professional Mold Removal in Edmonton

At Advanced Cleaning and Restoration, we have the tools and expertise necessary to ensure that your home is safe from mold. Our team will first perform an inspection to find all of the mold and assess any damage that it may have done. Once we've determined where the mold is, we can remove it in just a few hours. We also take steps to prevent mold from returning in the future.

Protect your home from mold by contacting Advanced Cleaning and Restoration for mold removal in Edmonton today.


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