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Misconceptions about Carpet Cleaning Services

Misconceptions regarding carpet care are rampant and being misinformed can be hard on your health, comfort and pocketbook. Let’s take a look at five common misconceptions about carpet cleaning:

1. I’ll clean my carpet when it starts looking dirty. Not a great idea. Dirt is highly abrasive and leaving it in the carpet is kind of like rubbing it with sandpaper every time you walk on it. And the longer it’s left in, the deeper it gets ground into the fiber. In other words, by the time dirt becomes visible, your carpet may have already suffered a lot of damage. Most carpet manufacturers recommend a thorough professional steam clean at least once a year to keep your carpet as clean and residue free as possible. For steam cleaning services in Edmonton, come to Advanced Cleaning and Restoration. We offer a number of cleaning packages to fit every need and budget.

2. I’ll clean the carpet myself. Sigh. Factor in the time it takes to buy or rent a machine, buy the products you may or may not need, move all the furniture out of the room and do the deed, you’ve lost at least a day - and probably hurt your back in the process. Also, residential machines put a lot of moisture and soap in the carpet and cannot extract it all. It can take days for the carpet to dry, leaving it ripe for mold and mildew. Let us take care of your carpet cleaning in Edmonton!

3. Foo-Foo had an accident on the carpet, but the carpet stain remover and sprinkle-on deodorizer I saw at the grocery store will do the trick. Regular stain removers are by nature very harsh to be able to address a broad spectrum of possible stains. The result? They are likely to remove color from your carpet along with the stain. And applying deodorizer powders may very well be signing your carpet’s death warrant. They contain talc, which becomes embedded in the carpet. When the carpet is cleaned, the powder is wicked to the surface and leaves a white residue, which is nearly impossible to remove. At Advanced Cleaning and Restoration our cleaning services in Edmonton include animal stains.

4. A pipe burst and the carpet is soaked. Nothing a shop-vac, fan and a cranked up space heater can’t handle. Wrong again. You have a 48 – 72 hour window to get your carpet, backing, pad and subfloor dry before mold and mildew start invading. The entire carpet has to be removed, dried professionally and the subfloor dried before the carpet can be replaced.

5. All professional carpet cleaners are the same. Sorry, but no. Like with all trades, “it takes all kinds.” We’ve been carpet cleaning in Edmonton for nearly 30 years. All of our technicians are IICRC trained and certified.

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