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Commercial Cleaning Musts for Winter

While spring cleaning provides a fantastic opportunity to get your commercial property in ship-shape after the winter, there are some important cleaning tasks that you should pay attention to over the course of the winter season as well. Keeping up with winter cleaning will help ensure that the state of your building reflects positively on your business, take it from the Edmonton commercial cleaning professionals at Advanced Cleaning and Restoration Inc. Here are four winter commercial cleaning musts.

Hard floor cleaning 

One of the most important components of proper commercial cleaning in Edmonton is keeping your hard flooring clean. Whether you have wood, tile, concrete, or any other type of hard flooring, it can quickly become covered in the salt, water, and muck that people drag in from outside. Not only can this damage your flooring, but it can create a slipping hazard as well. To prevent such problems, lay down floor mats near all of your entrances and establish a consistent floor cleaning schedule.

Carpet cleaning 

While carpets don't pose the same sort of slipping hazard as hard flooring, they can also become damaged by winter muck and grime. Not only does this make your carpets look unsightly, but it creates a haven for all sorts of germs as well. The most effective method for cleaning commercial carpets is with a steam-extraction or hot-water method. If you don't have the proper tools or know-how for the job, then you should consider hiring an Edmonton commercial cleaning service.

Frequent sanitization 

Speaking of germs - commercial properties should take the necessary steps to stop the spread of viruses and bacteria during the winter cold and flu season. If your employees get sick, then your business will suffer. Not to mention that you don't want to risk getting your customers and clients sick either. Desks, workplaces, and meeting rooms should be frequently cleaned and sanitized. Special attention needs to be given to cleaning bathroom faucets, flush handles, and doorknobs.


One Edmonton commercial cleaning task that is too often neglected during the winter is dusting. Buildings have a tendency to accumulate dust over the winter because the windows and doors are kept tightly shut. This can make your surfaces look grimy and cause indoor air quality to suffer. Cold and flu germs may be floating around in all that dust as well. When dusting, pay particular attention to railings, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and air ducts.

Professional Commercial Cleaning Services in Edmonton 

Your staff can probably handle some basic, day-to-day cleaning tasks but, for the bigger and more important jobs, you'll likely be better off hiring a commercial cleaning service in Edmonton such as Advanced Cleaning and Restoration Inc. Our experienced cleaning technicians can provide a wide range of cleaning services for any type of commercial property and are available for one-time cleanings or for regular, long-term service commitments.

To find out more about commercial cleaning services in Edmonton and whether our services are right for you, just contact Advanced Cleaning and Restoration Inc today.


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