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Water Damage Restoration in Edmonton

If you’ve sustained damage as a result of flooding, you require a team who can assist with proper and thorough water damage restoration. In Edmonton, look no further than the professionals at Advanced Cleaning and Restoration Inc. We will visit your home, assess the situation, and take charge of cleaning up the mess. We also possess the required skills to restore any room to pre-accident condition, or even better!

Floods Happen

No one is ever happy when those worst-case scenarios strike, especially when it affects the integrity of your home. Burst pipes, sewer backups, unnoticed leaks, or poorly installed dishwashers can lead to big messes in a short amount of time. Whatever the source of your troubles, if you have water on the floor, you don’t have time to wait. With your property in jeopardy, and your future health at risk, every minute you delay makes the damage even worse. 

When forced into crises mode, call Advanced Cleaning and Restoration Inc. We understand the processes involved in water damage restoration in Edmonton! We’ll put your mind at ease with our comprehensive range of cleaning and restoration services. Don’t assume that a handful of towels is enough to clean up the mess. Bigger problems often lurk beneath the carpeting, floorboards, and behind that perfectly intact looking drywall.

Water Removal Experts

With over 30 years’ experience in the field, there isn’t a flooding situation we haven’t encountered. With quick response times and around-the-clock availability, Advanced Cleaning and Restoration Inc is your go-to source for confident assessments and quality work. We have the equipment and the expertise to detect problem moisture. We have the tools and knowledge base to extract all water, and we’ll dry and dehumidify any trouble areas. We pride ourselves on always working in the most efficient way for your convenience. Whether we’re dealing with clean water (leaks from water heaters, washing machines), grey water (toilet backups, sump pump failures), or black water (sewage backups, ground surface water entering your home), our team is certified to handle a wide spectrum of unsanitary conditions. Our goal is to protect your property and keep you safe. Let us ensure a healthy environment for you and your loved ones.

Don’t Mess with Mold

Water-damaged areas left untreated after 72 hours will develop substantial mold growth. From itchy eyes and headaches to respiratory issues and neurological problems, make no mistake, mold is a serious threat to your health. Advanced Cleaning and Restoration Inc can stop the spread of mold and remove all traces of it using our highly-affective cleansing agents. Unfortunately, what you can’t see still can hurt you; this is why we also sanitize the air in all affected rooms to remove any dangerous spores still contaminating the air. We will clean your salvageable belongings and dispose of the rest. Once on site, our mold remediation expert can advise you on the best practices for preventing future growth. You needn’t have suffered a flood in your basement to be susceptible to future mold.

Home Restoration Services

Not only do we extract the problem water from your property using powerful pumps and vacuum units and dehumidify the space using industrial air movers, but our skilled crew also handles the mandatory steps to restore the appearance of your home. Whether the job requires the installation of brand new walls or a little bit of paint, our goal is total restoration to your complete satisfaction.

Family-owned and operated, Advanced Cleaning and Restoration preserves homes in Edmonton, Sherwood Park and surrounding communities with a full range of cleaning and water damage restoration services. From carpet cleaning to mold remediation, we remain dedicated to your satisfaction. If you’re not happy with the results or our level of customer service, feel free to get in touch with us.


Carpet Cleaning Services

We loosen and eliminate most dirt and dust with a hot-water extraction system.

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