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Safe Asbestos Removal in Edmonton

Although you may not be aware, structures with asbestos are still an issue in many places. So when you need services like asbestos removal in Edmonton or the surrounding areas, you can rely on Advanced Cleaning and Restoration Inc. We’ve worked on projects of all sizes in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. We always follow the proper procedures when it comes to removing material containing asbestos and have a proven track record of getting the job done right. Are you in need of asbestos removal or abatement at your home or business? If so, contact Advanced Cleaning and Restoration Inc to learn more about what we can do for you.

What is Asbestos?

While you’ve probably heard about asbestos and associated risks, it’s still a good idea to know exactly what you’re dealing with if you think you might be affected. Asbestos is generally classified into two groups: Serpentine and Amphibole. The only type of Serpentine asbestos is Chrysotile, which is the most widespread version of asbestos found in Canada. Amphibole asbestos features five different types, which include Amosite (Caposite) and Crocidolite, which are the most commonly used asbestos varieties; and Tremolite, Anthophyllite and Actinolite, which, even though they weren't used commercially on a large scale still managed to find their way into construction projects. Primarily, the overall use of asbestos in building projects is attributed to its pleasing physical characteristics, as well as for sound absorption, tensile strength and resistance to chemicals and high temperatures.

What are the Risks of Asbestos?

While the risks of asbestos are well-known, materials containing asbestos usually aren’t considered risky until they’ve been damaged or begin to deteriorate. However, studies have shown that prolonged exposure to high concentrations of asbestos fibres can cause serious health problems. Inhaling asbestos can cause issues like:

  • Lung cancer
  • Asbestosis 
  • Mesothelioma
  • And more

Asbestos Removal and Provincial Legislation

Due to the associated risks of asbestos for those who work with it on a regular basis, as well as the general public, it’s no wonder why laws have been passed to prevent exposure to this harmful substance. At Advanced Cleaning and Restoration Inc, we are a licensed asbestos removal contractor. That means you can count on us to follow any and all legislation and regulations that may be necessary when removing materials that contain asbestos. With our help, you can ensure that you and your workers will be safe from any harm and risks that can be caused by asbestos.

Contact Us for Asbestos Removal Services

In most cases, asbestos will need to be completely removed from a property before it is deemed safe. Many times, there are instances when asbestos encasement or encapsulation is not enough. These issues are determined by a number of factors, including location and quantity of asbestos. At Advanced Cleaning and Restoration Inc, the health and well-being of you and your workers is our number-one priority. When on the job, we are also very respectful of your building and environment, which means we don’t consider the job done until the entire property is clean and safe. 

In addition to asbestos removal in Edmonton, Advanced Cleaning and Restoration Inc is also equipped to provide mold removal and remediation and water damage restoration services. If you know someone who has an issue with hoarding, we also provide hoarding cleanup and clutter removal services for your peace of mind, as well as carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services. To learn more about the many residential and commercial services we offer, contact Advanced Cleaning and Restoration Inc today.

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