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Mold Removal from Your Edmonton Home

Most people discover mold in their carpets or drywall when they go to replace them. Some are lucky enough to notice spores or growth beforehand. However, having any kind of mold in your home is a real problem.

Mold isn’t just a nuisance that happens when your floors and walls can’t dry. According to Health Canada, mold poses a health risk to you, your family, and your pets. Luckily, Advanced Cleaning And Restoration Inc can help you with mold removal in Sherwood Park and Edmonton. Contact us today to request a quote!

Our Mold Removal Process

We take several steps to remove mold from your home:

  1. First, we do a mold inspection. We not only find the mold but assess the damage it caused. Even if you see mold in one area, it could have spread, so we will inspect your entire home. Some molds are even invisible, so you’ll need more than a simple visual inspection to uncover it all.
  2. Second, we remove the mold. Our special chemicals and tools allow us to remove all mold from your home in a matter of hours.
  3. Next, we prevent mold from coming back. In many homes, floorboards and drywall may naturally attract mold. However, our sprays keep mold from returning.
  4. Last, our team will give you recommendations for preventing future mold growth. Their instructions may include drying wet areas immediately, ventilating your home to reduce moisture, and improving air flow. You should also monitor your home’s humidity.

Contact Us for Mold Removal in Edmonton or Sherwood Park

We also deal with flooded carpeting. Within 24-48 hours of the flood, you need to dry and clean that carpet if you want to prevent mold growth. A professional can give you the thorough, lasting clean that this situation demands.

If you know or suspect you have mold in your home, call us today at 780-463-3177 for a quote. Advance Cleaning And Restoration Inc is a full-service restoration and cleaning company.
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